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At Dikic Web Studio, we''''''''re not just building websites; we''''''''re crafting pathways to your success. Our philosophy revolves around understanding and focusing on your target audience - they are the heart of our creations. We dive deep into your business to empower your customers and partners, driving them towards your services and fostering meaningful connections.
PLANNING Jumping directly into a project isn''''''''t our style. While simplicity is appealing, true success and profitability stem from in-depth analysis and meticulous planning.
PRODUCTION Creating a web presentation might appear straightforward, but true excellence lies in delivering high-quality, yet cost-effective solutions.
LAUNCH Your website''''''''s true performance is revealed post-launch. Recognizing this, we provide tailored maintenance options for continual enhancements, driving consistently better results.
CREATIVITY Differentiating your offer in a crowded marketplace is a challenge. We understand that the key lies in creatively presenting your unique advantages. This approach is essential in making your offer stand out and capture attention.
RESPONSIVE As more devices access web presentations, simplicity becomes key. Our team caters to this trend, offering diverse solutions to ensure top performance across all devices, enhancing accessibility and user experience.
OPTIMIZATION Your Google ranking is crucial in the digital arena, where SEO optimization is key. SEO optimization is an essential tool in this arena. We specialize in ethical, effective SEO tactics to boost your online success.
OVER 400 SUCCESS STORIES AND COUNTING With more than 400 web presentations under our belt, our portfolio speaks volumes of our diverse design and functional expertise. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

01 - AGENCY FOR THE SAVA RIVER BASIN Often, public institutions face skepticism regarding their effectiveness and commitment. The Agency for the Sava River Basin (AVP RIJEKE SAVE) stands as a shining example of responsibility and dedication. Through its comprehensive web presentation, the agency aims to demystify its operations and engage a broader audience. This initiative is not just about public relations; it''''''''s an educational venture, enlightening citizens on vital environmental issues while also catering to professionals with specific data.

The website adopts a classic design, rich in interactive content like real-time updates on water levels in the Sava River Basin, flood alerts, and processing of water act requests. Highlighting the agency''''''''s diverse activities, from dam construction to managing measuring stations, the site serves as an informative hub. Additionally, it features educational resources, including comics about water conservation, and integrates social media, a YouTube channel, and a blog to explore intriguing environmental topics. This digital platform is more than just an information repository; it''''''''s a dynamic space for learning and discussion.
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Online commerce has become a staple in the global marketplace, with its significance ever-increasing, making it an essential aspect of modern sales strategies for developed companies.

Warby GK, a prominent British goalkeeper gloves manufacturer, approached us to collaboratively develop a top-tier web presentation and enhance their sales through a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

The resulting website is a masterpiece of functionality and design. It offers a rich array of product customizations, consumer discounts, and exclusive pricing for partners and loyal customers. The integration of a fully automated card processing system and a semi-automated backend connection distinguishes this webshop from the basic models increasingly common in our region, setting a new standard in online retail experiences.
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"We don’t want a plain web site, we want a web site that reminds us of the club atmosphere in which people read the magazine we print" expressed Dean Cook, Managing Director of Magazine Production, while commissioning a redesign of their existing website, which no longer met their needs.

Our focus was on the aesthetic appeal of the website. Technically, the project wasn''''''''t overly complex, but we infused it with unique features like an automated magazine display, dynamically updating on the homepage without needing manual input. The site seamlessly integrated content from Facebook and Twitter, and its captivating blog section ensures visitors have a reason to return.
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Graphically representing the ethos of a company or organization can be a challenging endeavor, especially when balancing cheerfulness with the required seriousness and formality. This was particularly true for the web presentation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite strict guidelines for EU web presentations, the PR service of the EU instructed us to deviate from the conventional, dry approach seen in other EU sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while still maintaining a formal tone.

Our design aimed to visually express the relationship between Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering a portal to relevant organizations and information. Despite its size, the project was conceptually demanding, requiring adherence to the EU''''''''s stringent presentation standards and book norms.
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05 - UKCS
The University Clinical Center Sarajevo (UKCS), Sarajevo''''''''s largest medical institution with a storied history, necessitates continuous public information about its extensive services and updates. This presentation''''''''s goal was to clearly communicate UKCS''''''''s activities and guide patients to the appropriate facilities for their medical needs.

In developing this project, we prioritized the requirements of patients and the medical community. The system was designed for ease of updating by UKCS''''''''s press center staff, regardless of the presentation''''''''s complexity and size. Each clinic was individually showcased, offering essential details like services, operating hours, key personnel, and more. The presentation also highlighted UKCS''''''''s scientific contributions and included interactive maps for easy clinic location, an FAQ section, and a patient guide, all underpinned by advanced technological infrastructure.
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Understanding that every business is unique, we tailor our designs and platforms to align with your corporate culture and requirements. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; it''''''''s bespoke to suit you perfectly.

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